Ship Luggage Ahead to Save Sanity and Money

Sending your luggage ahead is not just for the rich, famous, and diva-filled inspired travelers.   With the cost of traveling with luggage going up constantly with most of the airlines ,some savvy travelers have found new ways to cut costs and maintain a little of the sanity.   Not only does it save on money, sending luggage ahead will also help keep your belongings from being lost by the airlines.

You can ship your luggage with the major delivery companies and still have the a tracking number to keep track of the luggage as it moved from one location to another, which is more than you will expect from any airline.   Of course, to have your luggage shipped you need to know where you will be staying.  You can alert the hotel to let them know that you will be having luggage shipped and see if they have someone available to sign for them when they do arrive.  Policies for each hotel may be different, and you should always check before you do ship you luggage to see if this is an option that will actually work with them.   Another option is to ship you luggage with UPS to a UPS store and then pick-up the luggage from that site.     I do not know all the rules and policies of shipping with UPS,FEDEX,USPS, but knowing what available shipping methods are available for you will simplify things for you and your luggage.

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